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About Us - specialists in automatic motorized systems

Colse firm is seeking foreign companies to assemble and deploy innovative automated systems.
Colse firm has thirty years of experience in the field of automatic opening ranging from sliding gates, swing doors, overhead doors, doors, skylights, sun screen, etc.
Mr. Domenico Zanotti through studies of market opening systems and problems faced in the use of products currently on the market, has driven the search for new solutions to industrialize and to patent highly integrated and pre-wired system.

All patented solutions are based on the belief that the current automation systems are too complicated to install and always and necessarily involve too many professionals (bricklayer, electrician, blacksmith).

Our patents instead allow the realization of completed systems, documented and integrated for various market applications with very simple quick installation. Moreover, the particular costructions method allows a significant reduction of the production costs comparted to others automatism systems.

The patented solutions can be applied on both automation systems and pre-existing structures with significant installation costs saving.

We are looking of interested companies to assemble and to distribute products based on these innovative patents, supporting them with our technical and commercial advice.

You do not need big investements but only seriousness and initiative.

For further information please don't hesistate to contact us:
Colse Srl – Via Rossa, 16 – Orzinuovi (BS) – Tel o Fax +39.030.941950 or Nr. 335.5306995 (Sig.Zanotti) – E-mail :


• Patents in exclusive national    licesing
• Range of patented, pre-wired    integrated products
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Colse Srl – Via Rossa, 16 – Orzinuovi (BS) – Tel o Fax +39.030.941950 or Nr. 335.5306995 (Sig.Zanotti) – E-mail :
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